Refund not received from Ola Cabs

I had used the services of Ola Cabs on November 29th 2017, it was a rental service. The CRN number is 1280901043. The total bill was INR 1610 and there was an amount of INR 1504 already in the Ola money hence the balance of INR 106 had to be paid in cash. I did not have change and hence I paid the cab driver Mr. Mxxxxh Cxxxxd INR 500 however even he did not have change and hence he assured that he would transfer the remaining to my Paytm Account. However I never received the amount. I even called the Ola customer service and registered a complaint, ticket number is 77109936 but no resolution given by them as well. I know the amount is not a big one but still I feel the complaint needs to be registered and hence I am using this platform.

Prashant Rajan
Aya Nagar Ext., New Delhi 110047

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