The Airtel 4G Wifi Router was purchased in the month of March and since then we have lodged several complaints regarding the network issue. Airtel has sold the product without checking the network strength in the particular area. When complained they said network issue and to resolve this it might take months Well,this problem is on and off without much resolution and I have a high internet usage. So,I changed my data plan from 5 GB with rental 850 to 10GB with rental 995.

In the month of September when I received the bill for the billing cycle 20 Aug to 19 Sep I was shocked to see the bill amount as 2274.3.As per my bill plan, my bill should be 995 + 139 (taxes) = 1134. I called up airtel customer care and mailed to 121@airtel in and, mentioning my dispute of the 1140 added to the bill. They said I have an usage of 20GB and so the additional amount. On 19 Sep,I received a msg at 1200 hrs, from airtel about reaching my data limit. I checked my account page and saw it was 92% of my 10 GB free data. The unbilled amount was 0. At the end of the day, before switching off the router, I checked it and it was 95%. I make sure to turn off the router when I dont use internet,ao that third party apps don’t consume further data. Even if that 95% was an approximate amount, extra 10 GB cannot have been used. My mistake was, I didnot take a screenshot at that moment because I didnot think. airtel would cheat and add extra amount to my bill. For that month, I have paid 1134 and I have informed the airtel executives to write in their feedback that am not going to pay 1140 because I am not satisfied with their explanation.

Firstly when I called, nobody registered my complaint saying I have consumed data upto 20 GB. I called back again after few days, insisting to register my complaint (complaint no 65273000. I called up airtel several times after that to confirm my understanding of my account page,billed and unbilled amount,where the executives confirmed me that I would receive a msg on reaching 80% of my data limit and second msg around reaching 15 GB.So my question is I received the msg only on 19 Sep. Everytime the Airtel people said their records says I have consumed data and the charges are valid.Fake records can be created. Airtel is leading in billing complaints. Then their may account page for the user must be fake.Not satisfied with the explanations, I spoke with Prxxxxxk from the Nodal team, he couldnot help me much. To my shock, when I called up appellate and spoke with officer Vxxxxt, he said he is unable to give explanation. A senior person in airtel saying so, shows the standards of the company. Since then I have been taking screenshots everyday, so that airtel cannot add fake usage to my bills. Well,they keep calling and sending msg for the 1140(disputed amount) and I am not going to pay it unless a proper explanation is provided.I think this should actually be waived off.I know my usage and I donot dispute on bill amounts and pay on time but this is definitely charged wrongly.

Thanking You,

Prapti Chowdhury
Moore Avenue, Regent Park, kolkata 700040, West Bengal
Email: peecee.praptichowdhury] / 06/11/2015 / 3:48 pm

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