AMC for RO servicing purchased in June 2015. After that since today no service ever received. Numerous calls made and service requests also placed. Everytime same answer saying it will be taken care off in next 24 hours and then no one shows up. After getting sick and tired of placing the service requests i decided to cancel the contract as it does not look like i would get the services.

When spoke to a senior supervisor at customer service he assured about taking the cancellation request and that a local dealer will visit the location to issue the refund. However for 48 hours no show. After which when called again to follow up we are told that customer service dept does not handle refunds. They hang up on call or place it on hold and never return.

Finally on 30th Nov 2015 i was told i would receive a call from the area manager to resolve the issue in 2 hours. its 72 hours and i have not recd any call yet nor my refund.

the amount charged for the contract was Rs. 4000 and i have not received any service so far and would like to have the complete refund asap.

Emails sent to consumer complaints dept of Eureka forbes too for the follow up. However all i get back is an Auto Responder that keeps asking the details of my account and contact info over and over again.

Palkesh Vaishnav
Orchid Elegance, Ahmedabad 380058, Gujarat
Email: palkeshv] / 05/12/2015 / 6:11 pm

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