Regarding arbitrary cancellation of tickets by Jetairways

This is in regards to my experience while travelling in Jet Airways.

I had planned a trip to Sri Lanka along with my 5 friends. We had booked return ticket of Sri Lanka with Jet Airways via

Unfortunately 2 of my friends met with an accident and so I had to stay back with them in India, so my friends Ms. Pxxxxi had called up the call centre of Jet Airways on the jet airways toll free no. On enquiring we were just told that tickets could not cancelled as it’s a non-refundable tickets. We were not informed anything regarding the return tickets.

I was not able to travel on 24th Dec, 2015. So I took another flight on 29th Dec, 2015 with Sri Lankan airlines.

On 2nd Jan, 2016 while returning back from Sri Lanka I was told that my tickets were cancelled. After waiting for almost an hour on airport, I was told about their policy of “no show”. There are few things which I fail to understand:

1. Why was I not informed about this when Ms. Priti enquired about my friends not travelling on the 25th Dec,2015.

2. If my tickets were cancelled why was there no information given to me or the person who booked my tickets via call , sms or e-mail.

3. If such policy existed, then why was I made to wait on airport along with my friends for more than an hour giving me a MENTAL TORTURE.
If they would have informed me before I would have booked the return flight for cheaper rates, I might have not gone there (which was actually just a vacation trip for me). I would have got another flight for the same time.

Because of no information provided by them I had to go through a lot of mental stress and financial loss. I along with my friends waited on airport for more than 1 hour only because they were not aware of their own policies. How do they expect me to know about it?

All this is fine but it was a major shock to me when they told me that when tickets are cancelled they sell these tickets to some other customer.
Means, I pay for the ticket, they do not refund a single amount to me till now but they sold the tickets to some other person earning extra amount. If I pay for the tickets means the seat is reserved for me means whether I travel or not how can they sell it to somebody else. And if I ask them for any clarification, they say, “Sorry Sir, we don’t know anything as this is system generated.” Who has generated this system?

I have beared a loss of approximately :
Jet Airways return ticket: Rs 18,700/-
Sri Lankan Airlines ticket on 2nd Dec,2016: Rs 21,880/-
Hotel accommodation for 2nd Dec,2016 Rs 4,000/

Which totals upto Rs 44,580/-

Who would bear this loss? System or Jet airways? I need your help in this matter. Pls help.

Zuzer Burhanpurwala
Mumbai 400018, Maharashtra
Email: / 11/01/2016 / 7:43 pm

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