I have been using ACT Fiber internet services for more than 6 months. Every month they are taking Advances to provide their services, few months I was 2-4 late to pay the Amount. They put my Account on hold for the remaining days, I asked them Why are you charging for 3-4 days of Amount when you didn’t provide me the services.

It was happen even last month and I didn’t pay for 10-15 days & they put me on hold, later It was resolved by paying Rs 300/-.

This month they suspend my services on 6th of Feb. sent me the bill to avoid disconnection, where as every month by 10 we have to pay. though I cleared the bill of last month.

I attached the message they sent me on my Mobile

They are harassing by put my connection on “SUSPEND MODE” & some time providing service for few minutes. When I had a word they told last time you used the service on this ” DATE, this much of DATA”

I am requesting you to kindly make a ” Rule” that if a consumer didn’t pay for few days, He/She need not to pay the days, they didn’t get service.

M Farooq
Hyderabad 500024, Telangana
Email: fxxxxxxxxxxxxb@gmail.com / 20/02/2016 / 4:24 pm

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