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Yesterday morning (10/11/14) at 11.00 clock i registered my details with resume in 5 minutes i got a call from +911166633500 that your profile is shortlisted for samsung and philips company. if you say yes we will forward your details to the particular company you choose. I said ok to philips company. He said i will transfer your call to another person in my JD unit and then that person said if you want to attend that company you have pay the registration amount for JD of 1438 rs.i said why i have to pay you. he said if you pay this amount you will surely get placed in this you don’t have any written test telephonic interview and face to face interview between 18.11.14. and then you can join the company within 25.11.14. i said ok i will pay. he said to pay in career ladder website which is also a job portal of JD he said that’s the first mistake i done. after paying that i will transfer the call to another person he will guide you for the formalities for attending the company. And then a lady talked with me she asked to go to career ladder and she asked me to pay another 2000. i said no i won’t pay. if you won’t pay your proceess won’t get finished if you pay surely you will get job we are 100% guarantee. then i paid that amount also.and she transfered the call to another department. he asked me to pay another 6500 rs through the same career ladder i was totally shocked and caught into the trap. from your side didn’t informed anything about the payment before. for that he said this is the last if you pay this your whole process gets over otherwise what you payed before is going to waste only. In that situation i have no chance i paid. totally i paid 9938rs. he said you are our customer. this will be valid till your life time. i will connect my call to HR department of my company to him you send your all documents and confirm your placement he said.his name is MR. AxxxxxxG KxxxxxxP this is the first name i know in JD. he said you have to pay another 7000rs. i said what for i have to pay sir, i already paid 9938rs. he said philips company in hiring in the backdoor interview. if you attend front door interview rounds will be more. this is the back door interview you are going to attend the interview with my company reference so, you will get a telephonic interview on 11/11/14. at morning 10.30. after that you will be get placed and you have to go for verification to the phillips company on 13/11/14 .and then you can join your job on 25/11/14. surely 110% i guarentee you otherwise i will give money to you from my pocket.i said no i won’t pay. for that KxxxxP said this is the last step if you pay this you don’t have to pay single rs after that you will 100% get placed and your starting salery itself its going to be 30000rs/month.i will guarentee you 110% he said.and also he asked me to open website in that he asked me to go inside jobBuzz there you search about philips company in that check in vacancy area only 3 are there in bangalore location if you pay this we will hold your seat in the company after that if you check it will decrese to 2 he this situation also there is no other go for me i paid him through career ladder.totally i paid 16938rs. after that he asked me to send my BE consolidated marklist , photo,and any 1 ID proof to( after your profile verification we will call you he said here after you only talk to to me don’t talk to anybody regarding your placement if you call you ask me to connect to either me (AxxxxxG KxxxxxP or RxxxxN) he said he gave me number to call him 011-66575800.upto this all conversation done in a single call from 11AM to 1:30PM.they not allowed me to think.after that i sent all my details to the mail id he gave the evening i called him to this number he said he(AxxxG) will check the mail and call me back after 15 minutes he said.after this call only i understood that it is a JD jobportal number.after that he said i received your mail file verification is going on you be ready for your telephonic round tomorrow morning(11/11/14). i will arrange you between 10:30AM to 11:00AM.after that today i called him at 10:15AM.he said you be ready i will call you within 15 minutes he said at 10 40AM i received the call he said he will connect the call to philips HR.after that he connected his office number so i can’t find the another number from philips HR spoke with me.she said her name in Kxxxxa SxxxxxA from HR department in philips company. she interviewed me with general questions for 15 minutes.and she said your round is over i will transfer your call to JD HR she said.and then he(AxxxxG) spoke with me and said you are selected you go to company on 15/11/14 for verification and you can join the company from 17/11/14 your training session starts. for that you have to pay 15500rs as security deposit to the philips company. i said why i have to pay till now i didn’t received any mail from company then how can i trust you i asked for that he said if you pay then only your process will get completed and also he said we have tieup with company only so if you pay company will send you the confirmation call letter and all details. at 12.15 he called me after saying everything he(AxxxG) said within 1:00 clock you have to pay 15500rs. he asked me to go to SBI and to the SBI banker you connect the call JD account section will speak to them regarding money deposit.for this i said till know company didn’t sent me any mail regarding that i got placed. he(AxxxxG) said company is having tie up with me only not you. if you pay then only you will get the company mail.if you not pay i will send another candidate who is also like you waiting anyhow i want to send candidates to that company.for that i said you give that person contact number who is waiting like me i want to speek with him or else ask company to send the mail otherwise i won’t pay i said. for that he said i don’t have energy to argue with you i will give you 15 minutes within that you decide yourself or else i will send another person in your name to the company.i said i won’t trust you i said connect the call to phillips company HR i wan’t to talk about this.he said if wan’t to join in company pay 15500rs within 1:00 clock in SBI or else your process will get stopped and he (AxxxxG)disconnected the call.after that i called him to (011-66575800). He said what you decided if not you won’t be placed.i said i fell that i caught into the trap and i have no trust in you and your organisation so i have decided to deactivate JD so refund my money back.for that(AxxxxxG) said ther won’t be refund because i only the Head in the company without my knowledge you won’t get refund.and he also said already i payed your amont of 9000rs to the company from what i paid of you won’t get refund he said and disconnected the call.after 15 minutes at 1:05 i got call from JD (+911204381900) nisha from JD called me and asked what you decided hari.i said till now i didn’t receive any mail from company side and about that deposit amount of15500rs also you are not saying id to me so i fell that i got trapped and cheated by your company so refund my amont of 16938rs i asked.she said we won’t refund you and your opportunity regarding philips also we are going to cacel it.i said i am going to complain your organisation in consumer forum.she said whatever you want you do and disconnected the call.

Till now i didn’t received any mail from philips company.i fell that philips company HR KxxxxA SxxxxxxxA who spoke with me also fake.may be i am not sure about name AxxxxxG KxxxxxP is true or not. but 011-66575800 is the number of JD only this is true.
sir i am accepting that it was also my mistake too.but using my situation JD trapped me and cheated please take necessary action on company organisation and say me some solution about my money refund what i paid to them of (16938). i will attach all details below. please give me a solution to come out from this problem. and also save the peoples like me also.

Hari Prasadh
Bangalore, Karnataka
Email: / 11/11/2014 / 8:16 pm

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