Regarding defective Sony TV from Flipkart

I have purchased a sony TV from flipkart on 21-9-2017, but the product which was delivered seems to be defective from day one the vertical lines were appearing on the left hand side of the screen. The TV was installed when I was not available at home. The person who installed the TV was smart enough to fool my family members and told that the vertical lines will go once we change the set top box cable connection wire. When I changed the same two days later the vertical lines increased and the entire screen was fill with black colour. Neither Sony india nor Flipkart are owning to the responsibility to accept this. instead they are saying that I have damaged it and it was my responsibility to check when the item was delivered. When I told them that how can the person come in my absence to install the TV to which they don’t have any reply. Please help me as the TV is just 10 days old and I am running from pillar to post to get it resolved.

Satish Chetiwal
Bandra east, Mumbai 400051, Maharashtra

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