I placed an order for Micromax Yuphoria on 15 Aug 2016 under order no. 9720136. The product was delivered on 19th August. We put in a refund request on the same day because the phone was defective and was not working. The SIM was not being recognized by new phone while same SIM was working fine in other phones. Despite reported problem with phone and our refund request, the refund was not entertained by Shopclues.com. Thereafter, there was no assistance from customer support to resolve the problem despite our contact follow up. In fact, we were asked to contact Gadgetwood Warranty team directly which would repair the phone. We followed the instructions and put in a return request since the refund request was cancelled. Gadgetwood Warranty collected the phone and returned it after 3 days but the phone did not work due to same problem for which it was returned.

On 1st Sep, we called the customer support team to request refund for the second time as we were delivered a defective phone which did not work even after repairs. We were advised to wait for 48 hours. We waited for 48 hours and when there was no feedback after 48 hrs we called Shopclues customer support this evening i.e. 03 Sep and we were shocked as we were told to wait for another 48 hrs.

In view of above, I wish to surmise that I have been delivered a defective product which has been repaired once and my return request is not being entertained. I feel cheated and harassed due to complete lack of customer support. It is evident from above that I have been delivered a faulty product and provided with defaulting after sales service.

I once again request you to please consider my refund request and close this issue to my satisfaction. I would like to caution to that if my refund request is not actioned in next 48 hrs then I will have no other option but to register a complaint with national consumer helpline/court.

I hope that senior management would sincerely look into my grievances and close this issue by refunding my payment as all efforts to repairs the product in reasonable time have failed.

Look forward to receiving early and positive closure.

Deepshikha Yadav
Email: dxxxxxxxx1@gmail.com / 05/09/2016 / 8:51 pm

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