I have sent e-mail on the subject matter to MI company 10-12 time and contact with Customer Support service 25-27 time but no solution be received till date. All times Customer support persons told me for more wait. I am describing my issue again. I was purchased Redmi Note 3 Mobile from site www.mi.com/in . Mobile was delivered on 24 th Jul 2016 with Cash on delivery @ Rs 11999.00 alongwith a problem of heating and Battery issue. As per company policy I was called customer support office for replacing the mobile.

Company’s courier boy from Blue dart collected the mobile on 4 th Aug 16 with reference No.69513319315. The mobile was reached company’s ware house on 9 th Aug at ware house Bangalore. But replacement has not been received. My problem was not solved by company however more than 25 days have left.

Lastly I lodge a complaint in National Consumer Form for the same. The docket No of the complaint is 12116. The National Consumer Form told me to send again e-mail and speed post to company. I was sent e-mail on 30 and 31 Aug 2016 but no reply has been received.

I also sent photocopy of this e-mil through speed post. But no reply received.

Jai Bhagwan Singh
Kaluchak, Jammu & Kashmir
Email: ixxxxxxxxxxxv@gmail.com / 07/09/2016 / 10:53 am

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