Here’s my terrible experience with Dell and their customer support services. I bought the Dell Inspiron 3542 (CI5/4/500GB/4GB/WIN 8.1) in Feb 2015. I have not been able to use it without any issue for 30 minutes. I’m facing the problem since two month !! Despite two painfully long re- imaging session through Dell customer support service” the laptop battery is not working properly and laptop is slow than average. Sound volume is too low, when we use it without headphone. Dell is unwilling the change the battery and solution as alternate. I am disappointed and shocked at the response to my issue and believe my expensive laptop purchase is a complete waste!!!

Meanwhile, their team are not taking the issue sincerely, they called about 8 time, but they always tried to escaped from the issue and solution. Someone advised to purchase new battery while it is under warnity. Someon formatted the laptop, but the problem remained the same. One person send the the FAQ link to understand the battery life and warnity. According the dell FAQ the battery down grade start after 18-24 months.

But my laptop battery’s is too down t after 5-6 months and now is on four time degraded. But dell all technical person not ready to replace the battery and resolve the other issue. I am requested to you that please help me to resolve my issue ASAP.

Palwal 121106, Haryana
Email: / 14/01/2016 / 11:31 am

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