This is to state that I have taken a treatment plan for my Daughter, Nirvi Khandelwal, from Dr. Batra’s Clinic in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur. The Front Desk Officer there was Mr. Sxxxxy Sxxxxxa–PCM. After the consultation, Mr. Sxxxxxy told me the treatment would cost around Rs. 10000 plus. I asked him about any discounts or promotional offers since my brother Mohit Khandelwal’s treatment is also ongoing. And I have also had an idea about the discount. But he simply denied everything and in a hurry took the card and swiped it for the total amount. Since it was for my child and I was little worried about the case, I didn’t give it too much thought at that time and came back.

Once I reach back and had a word with my brother who said I should have gotten 30% discount (since family member is undergoing treatment) plus the Treatment Money should also have been paid in EMI without Interest. None of it was told and done by Mr. Sxxxxy or Dr. Rxxxxu there. Though, I told him that day also about coupon codes I get on my mail and message from Dr. Batra’s.

Well, I called the clinic again and Sxxxxy realizing his mistake transferred the call to Dr. Rxxxxxu and he assured me that the issue will be taken care of when my Wife would visit the clinic again with my daughter. Since then, two times my wife had visited the clinic, both the times either one of them was not in clinic. Last time, when I called them and got angry on the kind of response I was getting, they said, “Nothing can be done now” “We can help you in providing medicines.” Which was so frustrating and annoying to me.

Prateek Khandelwal
New Delhi 110058
Email: prateek80khandelwal[ / 13/07/2015 / 2:51 pm

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