The incident happened on 13th August 2016 when I went to Keoratala Post Office Kalighat to open a SB account. I told them politely that I have brought all the documents to open a SB account for myself. The reply came rudely that they will not open the account as they were busy with some other work and there is link failure. They suggest me to come on a weekday. I told that I have office and it will be difficult for me to come on a week day.The Post master and his subordinate(One who give money for existing MIS account) replied in a more rude manner that I should open a SB account in a post office near my office.Then I told them is this is the behaviour of people working here I will transfer my money to a different location which I already (mistakenly) kept here.They adviced me, it is better for me to do so.

Sir, is this is the condition of the common people where should we go. As these people are working in the Government sector they know their service is always safe whatever they may do and how badly they behave with the existing customers.They are harming the repute of the organization for which they are working. Requesting you to take care of this type of situation so that common people like me do not suffer harrasment like this and lost hope and shift their intention and depend on private sector for getting proper service.

Kaustabh Bhattacharjee
Kolkata 700026, West Bengal
Email: / 13/08/2016 / 3:17 pm

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