I bought an Electrolux fridge from Croma in March, 2014. I paid, 8,890 INR for an 80 Litre fridge which was available with other retailers at 8000 & SnapDeal at 7200 online.

Croma first of all misguided me into purchasing a small fridge even though, I wanted a bigger one. They lied to me that the prices of the 180 litres fridges start from 15000 wheras the same company electrolux offers a fridge of more than double volume at less than 3000 difference & my budget was maximum 12000 so I could buy that one. But Croma didn’t have its stock, so, its sales agent fooled me into thinking it’s out of my reach & I ended up buying a smaller one at an exaggerated price.

I got to know the reality next day but they refused to accept their crooked sales ethics & cancel the order. So I had to move on.

But in few days, fridge started giving me trouble. It would stop working on its own & when I would manage to somehow book help from service center after a lot of head banging, it will start working again.

Somehow, I stretched. But last Tuesday that’s 17th of Nov, 2015, it stopped working completely, I sought Croma’s help cuz Electrolux service centres are pathetic. I have attached the complaint number too that Croma lodged with Electrolux on my behalf. After 5 days of follow up & arguments, their service agent turned up & said some small part has gone & he doesn’t know when can he replace it.

I told him, I need my fridge running asap but he was arrogant & said it was some other company, he could help but Electrolux parts aren’t available easily ( He was from Electrolux Service Centre itself). My fridge had a lot of expensive edibles which too got spoiled & I have no idea what is happening & who will come & help me.

I have tried everything, called their centers, tried reaching them on social media but no help. Please help me out, it’s depressing me to the extent of killing myself.

Plz help asap.

Sonam Mahajan
Ejipura. Near ICICI ATM, Bangalore 560047, Karnataka
Email: sonammahajan21]@gmail.com / 25/11/2015 / 5:53 pm

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