I have family plan on my number. I am charged with 900 rupess every 2 years and get some benefits from idea. I had paid 900 rupess in 2015 and thus next cycle should be at 2017. but they charged in 2016 again.
I enquired about it and then they said that they forgot to charge in 2014 and so next cycle is 2016. so they charged now but in this 900, they had removed all benefits and i asked at customer care why this 900 to pay when no benefit is there. they had no answer.
idea forcing me to pay this 900 rupes.I am getting no benefit in it. and they have not provided any intimation call and messafe regaeding this. they have neither asked me nor informed me about this 900 rupees to be added in bill.
why will anyone like to pay 900 rupees for no use. along with this 900 rupees , they increased my call rates to 1.75 rupes and above all idea is trying to make my bill extra. they had automatically added some feature charges 60, 75 and 135 in next bill.
i asked about it and they said idea have not, we customer did it.but we havenot activated anything.
it is not even displaying in our idea app.
but they had added charges of it. and they even not ready to tell for what purpose this charges are for. i had tried to call at customer care many times, visited their centre and dropped mail.
but they close my complaint always without proper investigation and solution. they all say that charges has been added in your bill, they cannot help in it

sanjeev khurana
Rani Bagh, Neew delhi 110034
Email: bxxxxxxxx1@gmail.com / 31/07/2016 / 1:58 pm

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