I own a Ford EcoSport 1.5 Titanium + (D). The vehicle had been running smoothly since the time I bought it. Just when the vehicle had crossed its said warranty of 1,00,000 kms, the vehicle had the Engine problem at about 1,02,000 km. The engine started consuming the engine oil. When detected about the problem, the same was informed to the company and the vehicle was sent to the company for inspection. They had asked me to give the vehicle to them. So, as per their instruction, I had sent the vehicle to the showroom. Now, after sending the vehicle to them on 9th Oct, 2015, there was no response from the dealership regarding the status of the vehicle. I kept on calling them up after every 2-3 days regarding the status of the vehicle and all they replied was that they are opening up the engine and will inform me about the final solution by evening or the next day. This thing kept on happening for about 15-20 days. I was kept in the dark regarding the status of the vehicle and when finally I had gone to the company to speak to them. All that they had to say was that they cannot help me with anything as the vehicle had crossed its warranty kms.

Now, after opening up the entire engine, they tell me to either pay the entire amount or else they can put all the things back together in the engine. What kind of company talks to a customer like that? Firstly, they kept me in dark about the status of the vehicle and when i finally go to the company to find the status, they tell me that there is an engine oil consumption problem and they cant help me with anything as the car is not covered by the warranty. If that is the case then, I think that Ford makes the vehicle for it to run for only about 1,00,000 kms and then whatever happens to the vehicle is at the customers expense.

After complaining, the company tells me that they can support me with only 50% discount in the price of the part and the rest will have to be borne by me. The problem lies in the engine and I think that the company should look into this matter seriously as there is about 2 more vehicle lying in the dealership of EcoSport with the same engine problem.

If anyone can help me out here and try to get my message across to the right person will be highly appreciated.

Mahabir Agarwalla
A.T. Road, P.O. Bokakhat, Bokakhat 785612, Assam
Email: agarwalla.manab]@gmail.com / 15/11/2015 / 2:56 pm

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