I had taken 2 mutual fund policies paying 10,000 per policy for a period of 36 months. I paid only 23 months out of that after which i discontinued due to some financial pressure. After the 36 month period, i approached HDFC to give my money back, I thought they will return after deducting some charges (penalty). They Deducted an amount of 1,36,000 per poliicy and refunded me Rs,94,000 each policy, they never gave me a calcuation of how they arrived at the Rs.94,000/

In total i paid them 4,60,000 (for two policies), out of which they deducted 2,72,000(for 2 policies), and paid me 1,88,000/-. I would like to know what are the charges which amount to 2,72,000/- plus they used my money for 23 months..


Suresh Kamath
305 Bhayander, Maharashtra
Email: kamath.suresh1@gmail.com / 30/03/2015 / 5:39 pm

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