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In the last week of December-2014, I got a call from Mega Mind Solutions (hereinafter referred as Mega Mind) for a home based job. On the call, employee of Mega Mind told me of their business model. They said that if I join the company, I will have to work from home. Their business model is as follows:

1. Person has to pay Rs.1600 towards registration fee.
2. He/she will be given few hundred pages regularly in the form of pdf format.
3. He/she has to type the content of those pages into MS Word document according to the guidelines (Guidelines attached).
4. The work needs to be completed in one week and given back to the company.
5. Accuracy of the typed content needs to be more than 85% to be paid.
6. If accuracy is below 85%, no amount will be paid and also Rs.1600 paid will not be refunded.

I paid them Rs.1600 in the last week of December-2014. Mega Mind gave me the first assignment on 5/1/2015. Based on the guidelines, I worked on the assignment. I submitted the completed work back to the company on 12/1/2015. At the time of submission, I was told that after quality check I will receive the quality report and payment.


Problem started after completing the work. Mega Mind sent me a quality check report. They claimed that the accuracy of my completed work was less than 85% and therefore told me that they will not make any payment to me and also they will not give any further work. Additionally they also forfeited Rs.1600.

The issues are:
1. I worked according to the guideline document and instructions given by Mega Mind employees over phone. Now they are saying that I have not worked according to the guidelines.
2. Mega Mind did not told me of all the instructions before starting the work. They started telling me about the new rules only after I submitted the completed work.
3. Mega Mind is not paying me even though I completed the work as per their instructions.
4. I do not accept the mistakes as pointed out by Mega Mind, since I worked as per their instructions.
5. Different employees of Mega Mind talk different things. They themselves are not clear and are confused about the guidelines.
6. Mega Mind is not replying to me queries, phone calls and emails.

I have given below 3 options to Mega Mind. They are not accepting any of these.
1. Give the file back to me for correction and after that make payment. Also continue with agreement of providing regular assignments. OR
2. I do not ask payment for the past work, but give me next assignment. Tell me the complete guidelines and instructions. I will work as per the complete guidelines.
3. Refund my full money of Rs.1600 back.

I request you to kindly intervene to resolve the issue at the earliest as per my above request.

Arshad Ali
A1, Crystal heights, Kondhwa, Pune – 411048, Maharashtra
Email: / 29/01/2015 / 5:26 pm

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