This is Rishabh Joshi, a working professional also a service receiver of airtel’s so called “GOLD CARE” post paid plan. The reason behind me having to face such problems being ENTIRE FAULT ON Airtel’s BILLING DEPARTMENT ‘s end.

The problem started initially when I had been facing issues in the data that was offered to me, my internet connectivity and network problems. For which I had filed my first complaint on 9th August 2015 only WHEN I HAD TO “WASTE” ABOUT 2 HOURS OF MY TIME TO TALK TO THE CUSTOMER CARE EXECUTIVES. Then consecutive complaints after that on 11th. I even had a talk with the Manager MR. JxxxxxxR SxxxxxA twice in this regard to which he assured me a so called “remedy” in his terms by providing me with a higher data plan (from Rs.450 to Rs. 650) which i immediately refused to convert to as i have no use of 3GB data in a month. JxxxxxxxR assured me that it was only for that particular billing cycle and i would definitely get a WAIVER BY HIM AFTER THE BILL WAS GENERATED. (Though i haven’t received any calls by him Yet as he had promised). He also filed a complaint regarding the Massive Unbilled amount that was showing up in my Account.

I thought i had been been given a proper “remedy” for the problems as my “UNBILLED AMOUNT HAD STARTED TO REDUCE FROM Rs. 8,000 (on 9/8/2015) TO JUST RS.2 (as Checked on 24TH AUGUST 2015 Updated till 22 AUGUST 2015 10:30 PM). And for your information SIR, till that time (22ND AUGUST, 10:30 PM) i still had about 60 MBS of data balance left in my Account to spare.

BUT, I got a shock of my life when i got my bill amounting to Rs. 10,280 on 25th August regarding which i’ve filed several complaints to the Nodal Officer and The Appellate Officer through mails and Phone calls to which i was only assured “CALL BACK WITH IN 24 HOURS” but i didn’t get any. Instead the company barred my number from 28th August till date (i.e 14th Sept.) saying i have exceeded my credit limit and will have to make the payment in 24 hours.

I was in Assam to attend some functions but still on Monday 31st August i sent another mail to the Appelate officer and then went to nearest airtel store where i wasted an hour to Prove the Executives there Using there own Company’s Laptop that the ” 2G DATA CHARGES” were FALSE AS I HAD 21 Mbs BALANCE in my account on 3rd August 2015 till 12:35 pm. I proved it by SIMPLY COPYING THEIR DATA INTO AN EXCEL SHEET AND SUMMING UP THE DATA VOLUME WHICH SHOWED (2025 Mbs. used of 2048 Mbs) From 23rd July to 3rd August after which i had applied for a 3G plan the very same day.The executive miss Rxxxxxa Gxxxxxi was satisfied made me talk to miss Axxxxa who was the area in charge of the entire upper Assam region who also agreed upon it and filed Several SRs (Service requests regarding the false bill) and assured me that my no. will soon be reactived. This was the only positive thing i got to hear in the past 17 days. But no action was taken even then.

Then i had a talk with MR. VxxxxxxT The Appellate Officer of airtel delhi ncr region over the phone who wasn’t even ready to hear my complaint instead of requesting him several times in the 1 hour conversation we had.

I also have the screenshot of my itemised bill which clearly shows that 21 Mbs. 2G balance was there to spare by me on 3rd August. Whenever I call them, I need to explain the entire story, and they hang up after saying they will get back in 1-2 hours. I have not received any call from them on the alternate number i’ve given. Whenever I call them, they say the billing issue is open and needs to be closed, and they refuse to give me a date by which this would be closed. This is complete customer harrasment by Airtel.

I have put all my problems in a detailed manner. I have been using this number from the past 6 years and had never ever faced any such issue with Vodafone. I switched to Airtel to get a better Service as it claims to be the “THE BEST SMARTPHONE NETWORK”, But i feel Cheated and Deceived now. Also my problems not being heard at all by any if the executives as i have been “PROMISED CALL BACKS FROM THE MANAGER, NODAL OFFICER AND APPELATE OFFICER ” which i never got. The only path i see to end my Harrasment from the past one month is to take the case to higher levels if justice i.e the consumer court

Rishabh Joshi
Ward no.8, Shankar Mandir Road, Sivasagar 785640, Assam
Email: rishabhjoshi420] / 16/09/2015 / 11:23 am

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