I availed Internet package on monthly rental basis for Rs599/ from M/S Reliance Communication, Bangalore on 12/04/16. The scheme is 5Gb day + 5Gb night + 144kbps (data speed after the ceiling of 10Gb) for a month and with taxes the charge is RS 687/- per month. In April for the bill period 14 to 26th April I was billed on prorata basis RS 310/- and this amount was promptly paid. For the period 27 April to 26 May my Internet data speed never went beyond 1kbps from 16 May to 26 May and this was practically taken as no internet connection. On enquiry with franchisee M/S Crescent Power Solution man Mr Sxxxxxxxxxf that there was migration process going on to and towers are not working. I told that I would not pay for period I was without connection. On 27May I chanced upon to try for Internet and I had it. This lasted till 5 June when I got a message that my quota of 10Gb exhausted and from 6June to 26June I had no internet connection as before. In the meantime I got email bil for RS 687/- though they deliberately cut off net service to me for 10days during April-May. I immediately shot of email to them that they wrongly billed and tried several times to set right the net connection by Reliance. One person by name Mr Vxxxxxxxxr came to my house on 8June. He told me that after quota limit 144kbps speed was too low to browse Internet and he declined to state this fact in writing. Then May-June bill states that I must Rs1017/-. I again replied that I would pay Rs230/- for 10days service I actually I got and declare that I would quit. I did pay RS 230/- on 14 July. Now every day they are phoning and claiming that I should pay them RS 1200/-. In the meantime I with great effort contacted Mr Vxxxxxxxl, Manager,Reliance Communication, Bangalore, to close the issue stating above facts. Though he appeared to look into my problem, later on he ignored my complaints. He is bent up on extracting money from me. Till date I paid the bills for the service I got. Now I am suffering loss net connection,Rs2200/- paid for wipod used for internet connection(this device is useless now),mental harassment of repeated phone calls. This type of ill-treatment has to stop. I feel should claim compensation from them.

Narasimhan Rajagopalan
Bilekahalli, Bangalore 560076, Karnataka
Email: nxxxxxxxxg@gmail.com / 31/07/2016 / 11:42 am

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