My learning license expiry date was 10/11/2015, which was issued on 11/05/2015. When I went for permanent license on 09/11/2015, authority told me to issue a receipt of 300 rupees from window no 12 at rto office jagatpura Jaipur and I went there and issued that receipt after that process i have to give trial of car driving at rto office. I had given trial of car driving, but I was failed in the test, but the authority told me to come again after 7 days. I went there after seven days on 16/11/2015 and they told me to issue one more receipt of 50 rupees, and I issued the receipt of 50 rupees form window no 12 at rto office jagatpura. After all that when I went for trial again then they said me that your learning license is expired on 10/11/2015 now u can go for cancellation of 50 rupees receipt and ask for your refund and u have to reissue your learning license and whole process for license is repeated again. But when I went on window number 12 for cancellation of 50 rupees receipt of permanent license what they does, they refused to cancel that receipt and refused to refund my money. First thing is, they should know that they should not provide such receipt when the learning license expires but after knowing all these things they issued receipt for me and charged 50 rupees which was not required according to system and refused to cancel that. I seriously object this type of system in rto office. But I can’t do anything because I can’t go against the system. I am filing this complaint So that these things should not happen again with any other persons like me.

Gaurav Kumar
Gopalpura bypass, Jaipur 302015
Email: grvkmr928] / 16/11/2015 / 1:54 pm

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