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One guy called me from on sep 15 2015 stating to provide me with job offers in ICIC bank, Kotak Mahindra, Yes Bank. Then he asked me whether i am interested when i said yes he redirected me to another guy named Axxxn Vxxxxa where he asked me to pay 2050.86 as a reg fee. He redirected me to profile and asked me to pay the money. Once i paid he asked me to pay another 6837.72 to verify my profile which was not mentioed previously. I felt fishy and enquired about it and when i asked whether will this be the final payment he said yes then i paid the amount. After as a part of security deposit he again asked me to pay 10258.86. This i got frustrated and argued with him he said that this money would be returned back once i join the job in my first month salary and he also forced me to pay stating their process wont proceed further unless i pay the amount. He asked me to trust and for my previous two payments also i received the receipts. He said if i dont pay this amount interview wont take place. I felt like i have fallen into a trap with no mind i paid the amount. I have e-receipts for all the three payments.

Then when i researched about this many has faced the same issue. I tried contacting their support team number mentioned in the website but the number does not exist. when i called back today to his number he didn’t respond one girl picked and said he is out for lunch, later she said he is busy and after number of attempts to Axxxxn Vxxxxxa personal number he picked up the call and said he will speak about this offer tomorrow. I don’t hold the trust anymore i want my money back which is in total rs 19147.44. I have all the e-recipts for my payment.

Please i kindly request you take this complaint seriously and help me.

Maheshwaran Ramesh Babu
Ayanavaram, chennai 600023, Tamil Nadu
Email: maheshramesh2008] / 16/09/2015 / 6:45 pm

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    • MANBIR SINGH KHAIRA on 19/09/2015 at 11:56 pm

    Same thing happened with me too

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