I was the regular user of Branded Pen by Pierre Cardin. But, I faced a great trouble due to this pen. Last week, I was travelling from my native place to Hyderabad and as usual I was carrying this pen. After reaching Hyderabad, when I removed my shirt to go for washroom, I felt the jerk of my life for my costly shirt pocket was totally darkened due to spillage of ink from the Pen. I did not expect such thing from the brand like Pierre Cardin. This may happen with very very cheap pens, but from a brand like Pierre Cardin which I used to refer to many of my friends was totally unexpected. I am feeling very very angry as well as upset for loosing my costly shirt. I want compensation for the trouble faced by me. I wrote a mail to Flair India. But, I did not get any reply from their side till date. I am attaching photograph of the damaged shirt along with the pen.

Sachin Regundwar
Moula Ali, Hyderabad 500040, Telangana
Email: sachin]@ecil.co.in / 31/10/2015 / 10:12 am

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