I purchased a Lenovo A6000 on 9/9/2015 on amazon. The product was defective and people were unable to hear me when i called them. I called lenovo’s customer care number provided on the site 180030007678 and after multiple tries the number remained unavailable.

I first registered a complaint by email on 25/9/2015. I got a reply on 28/9/2015 and after providing them the necessary details they asked me to download a sel help guide to fix the phone. The reference number is 217462864 . It didn’t work, which is when i asked them for a list of service centres in Bangalore. They provided me with a list, but as i’m a student in Bangalore and i had to return to Bombay and the phone servicing required a minimum of 7 days i chose to repair it in Bombay.

I took the phone to the HCL service centre in Marol on 19/11/2015. The staff said it was a minor software issue and he would update the software. He asked me to wait for about an hour. He returned the phone saying there is no issue and that the people called could hear clearly. When i dialled a number and asked him to talk to a recipient he acknowledged that the recipient was unable to hear. He told me it was a hardware issue and a part needed replacing. He said it would require minimum 10 working days. Even though that’s a long time i agreed to leave my phone at the center. After constant checking the phone is not yet repaired and they keep saying that the parts haven’t arrived and therefore they cannot fix the phone.

I want lenovo to provide me with a new phone or reimburse the price.

Basilica Gomes
Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai 400061, Maharashtra
Email: basilica.gomes]@gmail.com / 02/11/2015 / 5:37 pm

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