I purchased a Reliance Pro 3 internet connection, ( provided via a dongle connection to use with a Computer) in July 2015 and my tarrif plan was Truly Unlimited, pretty hard to fathom, but yes it was a truly unlimited connection for a monthly fee of ?999. In May of 2016, Reliance Communications started advertising for Free 4g sim upgrade and a discount on the new modem, specifically claiming that the existing Pro3 plans would be transferred to the new 4g sim and device seamlessly. In the month of June I applied for the 4g upgrade and paid for the new modem, which were delivered by courier.
In July of 2016, Reliance Communications changed the active tariff plan on my connection without intimation, to a capped plan worth ?900, with 5GB of internet usage and chargeable above it. This was after I had purchased the the new 4g modem but still before the launch of 4g services.

I learnt about this on August 9th, today when I logged in to Reliance communications website to check the usage on my internet connection, (I should have no need to do this, but out of curiosity I did). Upon enquiring with Reliance customer care, they said that all plans were changed on July 7th, and the services were launched in Mumbai on July 15th.

They have suspended the Pro3 services in Mumbai, and now I am stuck with this extravagantly priced Internet Connection with no option of reverting back, which was sold to me under false premises. I am not the only person who has been duped by the fraudulent advertising of this company.

In my opinion this is a case of mass Fraud.

Akshat Ayan
Borivili East, Mumbai 400066, Maharashtra
Email: axxxxxxxxxt@gmail.com / 09/08/2016 / 9:23 pm

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