I am writing this regarding fraud made by RBL bank credit card department. At the time of credit card issue they told me that your first year membership fee will be free and after next year it will be charged as 2000/- per year. Also they told me that as a welcome gift you will receive 8000 reward points. However when i received my first month bill it was showing membership fee along with my spends on credit card. I called customer care and they told me that it has been added for the first month but once you pay this amount it will get adjusted into your second bill. I paid minimum amount for that month. Next month i paid total outstanding and another next month i paid total. But as promised neither i get my 8000 reward points nor 2000 membership fee back. Now they are charging every month with interest on all my spends and when i am calling their customer care to adjust my 2000 then they are saying that its chargable and you will not receive this amount. Also regarding 8000 reward point they are saying that if you had paid full amount for first month only after that you would have received this reward point. I am not going to pay any of the amount untill i get my 2000 back or 8000 reward point. I know this may affect my CIBIL but for this i have also written a letter to CIBIL department about his dispute. Please help and take appropiate action againg this fraud credit card companies.

Raju Ranjan
Mandawali, New Delhi 110092
Email: rxxxxxxxxxxr@hotmail.com / 29/09/2016 / 9:40 pm

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