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Regarding mobile insurance from Syska

On 23-09-2015 we submitted a claim of water damage of my Samsung Phone. the phone cost me 13000/- and the insurance cost me 1299/-. All the paperwork was as per the requirements o the company(Syska). Then the waiting began. One week later when we contacted the toll free number, we were informed that the complaint is being “processed”. We waited another week before we contacted them again. This time it was a complete surprise to them that there was even such a claim (dont these guys use computers?). We were given a complaint number, which apparently is the only thing that happens promptly with Syska. We were assured that now there would be no delay, the people also confirmed that they were in possession of all the documents and all the paperwork was fine. We began waiting with all optimism until one day we got an SMS saying that our case was being forwarded for approval. This was another nasty surprise; do these people even work in their offices? thankfully on the 14-10-2015, we were informed that our claim had been approved. We celebrated. On 18-10-2015, another SMS declared that the device was under repair. Apparently the set had been sent to the repair center. Four days after approval the device finds its way to the service center, but well ths is Syska you are talking about. what takes a few hours takes days here. In the logical world, replacing a display screen takes a couple of hours. In the sham called Syska, eight days since our premature celebration, we are still waiting. MY HUMBLE ADVICE,- DON’T OPT FOR SYSKA GADGET INSURANCE, THEY DO NOT INTEND TO DELIVER ON THEIR PROMISES.

Insurance is supposed to give you peace of mind, Syska doesn’t intend to give you anything in return for the money you pay them. ABSOLUTE WASTE OF MONEY. Today when I called their toll free number they told me how sorry they were that i dont have the mobile set in my hands even after one month, but i will get my set “soon”. AFTER THAT I HAVE RESIGNED MYSELF TO A LIFETIME OF WAITING. The loss of money has taught me a very important lesson – DONT EVER TRUST SYSKA

Shobha Pathak
Surya Nagar, Kotra Sultanabad, Bhopal 462003, Madhya Pradesh
Email: c.prashantkumar]@gmial.com / 26/10/2015 / 7:31 pm

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