I purchased the MTS MBLAZE ULTRA WIFI in the June 2015. And I have the bill also. In the cover of the Dongle it is written there that speed they will provide is 9.8 mbs. But it never happens so and more over I am facing the serious crisis with this MTS DONGLE that it unnecessarily deducted my data even when I am not using the net it’s like I just plugin the Dongle in my laptop and it started deducting my data usage. In past 3 days I merely used the Dongle and they deducted the 3GB data and now I have 0.00 mb left. Earlier when I recharged the Dongle with Rs.999 in which I got 10gbday+10 gb night data at that time the data deduction was fair and even if night 10gb was wasted because I have zero usage in night and thats why they do not provide any plan for data usage in day time as they unfairly incurr money from customers because customers do not have any choice but to take either Rs.999 plan or Rs 1599 plan. And when I recharged my dongle on 16 July 2015 and they provided the 18Gb data for 3 months validity which cost me Rs.1599. And from that day only unfair data reduction had started, now when just open the Google they deduct 100mb. The Dongle cost me Rs.2000. And when I try to contact the Mts by mail they did not replied me. I want explanation from Mts why they had unnecessarily deducted my data and I want them to provide me the data which they had deducted unfairly otherwise they have to return my dongle cost and recharge .

Smita Rai
10 DDA FLATS KALU SARAI, New Delhi 110016
Email: smitarai09@gmail.com / 14/08/2015 / 8:55 pm

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