It was my mother’s birthday so I thought of sending a cake and flowers. I placed an order with India Flower Gift Shop because they assure the delivery and refund the amount if the delivery can’t be made. Ater entering my details, I paid the total amount of Rs. 1198 to them which was asked of me. The order was placed on 25th August 2016 at 12:11PM. But suddenly, I got a call in the evening at around 4:25PM from 033-40071235 saying that the order can’t be delivered because the address I gave was out of city limits and that I’ll have to pay 150 bucks extra (leave behind the free delivery part) to get it delivered. I wasn’t informed this at the time of placing the order. I told them to cancel the order if this is the case and refund me the money to which they said that the order can’t be refunded at the delivery date. But I was told that they will confirm and will call me back. I got no calls or emails after that. I emailed them back angrily to which they said that the order was “Out For Delivery”. I called my parents and asked whether a cake was delivered to which they said that the delivery has not been made yet. Even till 26th August 2016, the delivery has not even been attempted. This is the company’s fault if the delivery is not attempted and they are not even giving me the reason behind this behavior.

The same thing happened last month when I ordered a cake from my father. They told me that I placed the order late. I agreed and did whatever they told me (Put my order on hold for later). I didn’t take any serious step, but this is happening again and they are really pissing me off this time.

Vanshdeep Singh Sethi
Begur Road, Hongasandra, Bangalore 560068, Karnataka
Email: / 26/08/2016 / 4:14 pm

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