Regarding order placed for Mac Book Air on Flipkart

I placed an order with Flipkart for MacBook Air 256 Gb.
Order placed : 19/09/2018
Expected delivery date (given) : 22/09/2018
Delayed delivery date : 25/09/2018
23/09/2018: Received a call requesting cancellation of my order placed.
Please note : after placing my order I was unable to view any update about my order on Flipkart app. Flipkart was giving No Cost EMI option on my Bank’s card. Which is why I placed an order with Flipkart.
24/09/2018: I contacted my bank and Flipkart customer care asking if they could cancel my order. First they told me that I may cancel my order and place the order immediately after cancellation. I asked them to cancel my order on my behalf. Their executives too were ineligible to cancel my order from their side and at the same time there was no cancel option my my Flipkart app. Today i.e., 24/09/2018 when I checked the price has gone higher than the price I was provided with earlier and there is no “No Cost EMI option” on my Bank’s card.

I have been harassed at a stretch from 19/09/2018. I assume they are purposely doing this just to get more price from me.

Jayeeta Sengupta
Kolkata 700039, West Bengal

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