I am 68 years old, residing with my husband who is also a senior citizen in Dombivli east. We bought a HUL Pureit classic RO+ UV model, product no RCR1500010253 from Tops Enterprises (HUL) Pureit on the 18/6/2016. The product was bought by paying of Rs 9000 in cash as the dealer requested me to make a payment in cash and not by cheque.
The day the unit was installed the very same day, within an hour after installation we faced a problem and the water was leaking from the unit. When we registered a complaint with the technician who installed it, he said that there might be an error in the way the unit was installed. He visited us that evening and rectified the mistake. After that the unit was working fine for a few days.

In the first week of July, the water kept flowing out of the outlet pipe. When the second complaint was registered, the technician visited us after 5 days of registering the complaint. In the peak monsoon season, inspite of installing a standard and well reputed water purifier from a branded company like HUL, I had to adapt to traditional means of boiling and drinking water. The product was repaired after 5 days and a faulty part was replaced.

Again within 20 days the unit started giving us problem. When we again registered a complaint, the technician inspected the unit and told us that a certain circuit is faulty and that he shall source the same and replace it. One day passed, two days and after 5 days when I called the technician again, he said that the particular part is not available and that he will be able to visit us only when he receives it. On making repeated calls for services and repair another technician came 10 days after the registration of the complaint and he replaced not the circuit but some other part that looked like a switch. This happened on the 18th of Sept. The technician who visited us on the 18th has given to me in written agreement that if the unit gives me a problem again, I would get a complete refund of the payment I made towards the unit.

Again on the 26th of Sept the unit has completely stopped working and we have registered another complaint. I am fed up by the number of times in the last 3 months this unit has given us a trouble. The number of calls made to the dealer and the helpline are way beyond track. All that I expect from the Indian consumer forum is that I get my money back for the faulty product installed and that the poor and negligible after sales services of a reputed Company and Brand like HUL pureit is brought to the notice of common people like me and others, who easily trust on brand name and value.

Bhagyalaxmi Raman
Gograswadi, Dombivli East 421201, Maharashtra
Email: axxxxxxxxxx3@gmail.com / 29/09/2016 / 7:48 pm

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