I wanted to book my car for service with Renault Service Centre at OMR Chennai. I live some 40KM away. Thus tried to call them. Got their number from the internet. It was a land line – 044-30253503. The number continued to be engaged for over two hours.
So approached their chat help line, because these IVR toll free are another useless ways of communication.
So first time chatted with a person called Sxxxxxxp and got the number of Mrs Rxxxxxxxxxxi who is a CRM. Called her and it said her voice mail box is full. Then tried the 2nd number Mr. Kxxxxxa Kxxxxxxr Sxxxxxxxe Engineer on 9043032760, this number kept ringing and no response.
Connected with Chat Help line once again and this time it was Vxxxxxxxm. Gave him all the details, and he said that he will give numbers of alternate service stations, without considering my convenience. And when I insisted that I need to go to this particular service station he said that he will arrange a call back, and it will be within 24 hours. The usual statement.
What bother me is suppose it was a case of emergency, or lesser still one has to find out if the vehicle is ready how does one contact them. I am sure email is not a good option either.
My conversation with Vxxxxxxxm is attached.
This is the state of Renault, and this is my second and horrible experience with them, first time also the response to the call and and delay in delivery was an issue.

Jaikant Chaturvedi
PO: Gudvancherry, KANCHIPURAM 603202, Tamil Nadu
Email: cxxxxxxxxxxxxt@gmail.com / 06/09/2016 / 4:08 pm

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