I have graduated from ICRI in 2009. Since then I am trying to get my deposit money back. I was an international student and could not stay in India waiting for my deposit back. I was promised to be send money via bank transfer. The promise was never honoured. In Jan 2017, I travelled to India. I spent 11 hours in the building waiting to be seeing to discuss my issue. Again I was promised and again nothing happened. Mr Dxxl personally assured me that the money will reach my account shortly. Nothing happened.
My initial good experience of India was tinted by ICRI. There are many good and honest people in India. After my return, reflecting back and answering questions about India, I cannot help but feel affected by the way ICRI conducts it’d business. ICRI puts the shadow on all good Indian people and its culture.

Elena Shek
UK, Fleet GU51 2TJ, UK
Email: exxxxxxxxxk@yahoo.co.uk / 17/01/2017 / 10:48 pm

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