On 19/03/2016, I booked a tatkal ticket in 12414/Jammu AII Express for 20/03/2016 with PNR No. 2544477352 and it was scheduled to depart at 18:10 Hrs. from Jammu. However, the train was delayed by more than 5 hours, so I did not travel by this train and also filed a TDR against it on 20/03/2016 22:20:29 Hrs. TDR reference No. is 100000094754185.

I also booked a ticket for the next day i.e. 21/03/2016 in 12426/Jammu Rajdhani with PNR No. 2416350182 and traveled via this train.

However, on 26/05/2016, I got a mail saying that my TDR request has been repudiated by the Chief Commercial Manager/Refunds NW because I have traveled on 20/03/2016 (which I had not). My ticket on the next day is proof of that.

Also, after speaking to the representatives on IRCTC consumer helpline after getting this mail, I was told that my request has again been sent for process and you will get a response on this in next 3 months. But, it has been 6 months now and I’m yet to get any response from their end.

Sagar Pandita
Gurgaon 122016, Haryana
Email: sxxxxxxxxxx7@gmail.com / 08/09/2016 / 11:28 pm

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  1. As per Railway cancellation rules, TDR for delayed trains should be filed before the actual departure of the train. It should not be filed after departure of the train. If you had filed TDR after departure of Your train then the TDR will not be valid. We note that you had cancelled the ticket for 20-03-2016 before the actual departure of train from journey commencing station. If your refund has been denied then you should write to CCM of your zone.

    [previous comment edited for date of journey and cancellation date]

  2. Thanks for the reply. However, I had booked the ticket on 19/03 and train was scheduled to depart on 20/03/2016 18:10 Hrs. It was delayed for more than 5 hours and eventually left during early hours of 21/03 due to this delay.

    Also, I had raised TDR request on 20/03/2016 22:20:29 Hrs. which was well before the actual departure of the train from the station and hence falls under TRD refund request.

    I’ll collate the timings below:

    Ticket Booked : 19/03/2016
    Train’s Scheduled Departure: 20/03/2016 18:10 Hrs
    Train’s Actual Departure: 21/03/2016 (around 1 AM)
    TDR request raised: 20/03/2016 22:20:29 Hrs.

  3. We note the date of journey and cancellation as 20-03-2016 and that you have cancelled before the actual departure of the train from the commencing station. Under the circumstances, we suggest you write to CCM of the ticket issuing zone through letter. If possible also obtain information as to when did the train left on 20-03-2016 or 21/03/2016.

  4. I have tried reaching out to CCM where my ticket was issued but there has been no response from him. Please let me know how to proceed here. It has been more than 8 months now and my TDR is still not refunded back to me.

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