Suddenly from CDMA network we got 4G network of Reliance and our handsets got scrapped being CDMA , I was having upfront payment plan of zero rentals so I continue buying a new 4G handset , there are lot of calls drop and voice is also not clear and suddenly Data service problem started from last 20 days. I called customer care and they guided me to upgrade software of SIM card busting their nearest store , so I did thrice but without result. on 23rd August I decided to buy a new SIM card because DATA problem was not getting solved, so I got an upgraded SIM card but still Data problem continued, so I complained on 25th to customer care to resolve it they register the complain with a promise of solving within 72 hours , today it’s still not solved so I call customer care they again started their old tactics to get SIM card upgraded which I did on 23rd , now it feels that as we have paid in Advance they want to provide low service and make the customer tire by visiting different stores to get our issues solved , till it was CDMA I was a proud customer of Reliance , but today I feel ashamed of being thier customer as there is no proper connectivity nor proper DATA service In the name of 4G. I am planning to go legally against them.

Mazgoan, Mumbai 400010, Maharashtra
Email: / 29/09/2016 / 11:43 pm

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