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Regarding replacement / refund for defective product by flipkart

I purchased motog mobile from flipkart.com. The mobile was delievered to me on 01/08/2015. The order id was OD303496411410368300. After 3-4 days of purchase, the device started showing some abrupt behavior in its touch. The touch was auto clicking on stuff without me touching it. Sometimes the touch would get unresponsive. I reset the phone and kept using. But the problems started increasing after few days. The touch started showing more problems. After some time touch stopped responding completely. The device was covered under 30 days return policy of flipkart and 1 year warranty of motorola. I applied for refund/replacement of product after around 15 days according to their policy. They asked me to install a smartcheck app so that they can monitor my device remotely and told me they shall call me when i am required to use the app. They called me after 2-3 days and without asking to run anything or debugging any issue, they told me the seller has refused to replace the product, so i should contact motorola service center to resolve the issue. They did not fulfil the terms of their 30 days return policy. Due to my busy schedule i was unable to contact service center immediately. After some time I visited the service centre. They told me the phone has some software related issues, which were there from day one and many customers of motog3 are facing similar problems. They also said most of them got replacement from flipkart. So flipkart were already aware of the issue but they did not replace my phone when i registered my complaint. The service center people also said they did not have a solution for the problem at that moment as they did not have the correct software for it. They also said, they were not sure even changing software would solve the problem. They said it’s a genuine problem and flipkart should have replaced it in the first place. So i raised the issue again with flipkart. They asked for 5 days time to resolve it. First they said now the money cannot be refunded, then i retaliated how it was their fault that the device was not replaced under 30 day return policy and threatened to file a case. Then i received a call and mail that the money shall be refunded and asked me to provide my bank details. I emailed my bank details to them, then again after some time I received a mail that the money cannot be refunded. I called their customer care why they are playing with me with such conflicting mails and discussed the issue with him for 40 min. Towards the end, after talking to his talking he confirmed that the money shall be refund, he said he has filed a form regarding the same and their logistics partner will pick the phone from my delievery address within 3 business days. I asked him to send me a confirmation mail regarding the refund and he agreed to do so. But after i didn’t receive any mail for some time, I called them back. This time some other representative picked the phone and said no such entry of your refund has been made here and you are not liable for refund. So these guys have been fooling me for quite some and its a kind of mental harassment for me. Please suggest a solution sir.

Rohit Tyagi
c9/13 vikram nagar, ahmedabad 380015, Uttar Pradesh
Email: 3041992rohit]@gmail.com / 17/10/2015 / 1:05 am

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