All the expensive shirts were ruined by Big Laundry. Infact, all the clothes were ruined by Big Laundry.

Instead of properly tagging, they have acted very unprofessionaly and wrote using marker behind all the expensive shirts which are formal business wears used for office and client visits. This itself would claim for a damage of 20,000/-.

1) I have subscribed for six months by paying 13673/- and they are supposed to pick up clothes thrice week. They are NOT regular in picking up clothes and delivery is also NOT regular. Clothes go missing as they do NOT clear process to manage the laundry.

If you complain that your clothes are missing, they sent you a link with photos of thousands of clothes lying in their unit and you are asked to find out your clothes from them. Such a mess !!

2) They started using cheap quality detergent and bleach which is ruining my clothes. All my clothes faded quickly. This is a recent cost cutting measure which they have implemented.

3) They ll deliver you a set of untagged clothes which are NOT yours time and again even if you tell them it is NOT yours, they will repeatedly deliver you somebody else’s clothes.

I need a compensation of 20,000/- for just my husband’s shirts. I am NOT even asking claim for other damages and hassles caused by them. It is such a mental stress that they give you.

The big laundry is from butterfly group of companies and we believed in their brand.

Sobhitha P
Subramania, Chennai 600024, Tamil Nadu
Email: / 21/12/2015 / 9:40 am

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