After multiple follow ups on my Nexus Device not working properly since July 2014 ( purchased on January 2014) I called Google support in October, November and December.

Finally when nothing could resolve my issue on hardware, Google support Team (Mxxxxxd) issued me an RMA of reverse pick up on 12/26/14. Even after continuous follow up on the same, there was no sign of reverse pick up at all.

Again on January 19th, 2015 Google Support (Rxxxh) issued another RMA again no pick ups the entire month after receiving the email.

There was no communication from the Google Support Team whatsoever in the meantime, however i was asked to fill a survey which i duly filled.

In between the next communication, I started receiving emails weekly for 3-5 weeks from email address : sending me a new RMA to print every week as they will be scheduling a reverse pick up. It was a no reply email so they never told me what when and what time. Regardless I printed all RMAs every week but no one picked up.

I managed to connect with these guys one though, but again the same story.

In my timelines i received a trailing mail on my last communication from google which was on January 19, which i happened to miss ( as luck would have it). it was a plain text email in the same trail of email of my direct emails with Google support team (this time by a guy named OVI ) which said the following:


This email is to inform you that, we are closing your RMA as we have contacted you several times for your device pickup but there was no response. Kindly reply to this email with by today 6pm or contact us on the hotline or else we’ll close your RMA assuming that your problem has been resolved.


Google Support Team

Immediately after this email from April 20 2015 ( so they just gave me half a day to check this email in the trail mails) I received another email for survey and I took the survey and confirmed my dissatisfaction once again.

My BIG mistake – i missed the previous mails – as gmail threads become unread if you have seen the last email. Unless I was trained to be a spy and believe that a company of the stature of GOOGLE can and will deceive you, I would have gone back guessing! oh maybe there was another email 5-15 hours earlier which will make my 33000 INR worth phone a worthless piece of crap! ( also happens to be my birthday week, so you know! i missed a 3 line email in a trail mail thread – so MY FAULT!)

Now when I called google recently, they said we will give you an LG service station number to get your phone repaired. The RMA is dead, Warranty is void. Pay for it or forget it basically.

So basically it was ok that i was chasing them for 6 months but they did not fix my phone, but it is not ok that I miss 1 email in 6 months, so they can not do anything about it! Sorry Larry Page. My fault! I did not check my email earlier.

Then this time the Google support guy on phone (Fxxxz) didn’t even have my phone number saved on his system to arrange a call back from his superviser ( i remember giving it to them every single time) and then they say we tried to contact you. I am an entrepreneur my phone runs my life and it is never ever possible to not get in touch with me in matter of minutes.

Guys could have googled my name to find my number if nothing else! but i missed a mail – so my fault, not theirs for not fixing an issue in December or January or February or March or April! But no, Warranty is void.

Thank you for making sure i buy a samsung phone or better, like always trust APPLE for my money’s worth.

I loved Nexus 5 and was one of the early adopters. I have been an early adopter of every single Google products & services be it Mail, Voice, G+, even stuff like WAVE and frankly i am that much away from never buying any google product ever again, at-least never in India.

Thanks for providing no support whatsoever and making me weight on phone calls and never doing anything to solve the problem.

Dear Google india Support Team I’d like to send this to your founders

Rahul Ahuja
K-24 Green Park Ext, New Delhi 110016
Email: / 09/06/2015 / 6:23 pm

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