I had placed Order for two leather jackets. However on the delivery i received only one jacket. I immediately called the care department and updated the same to them. They advised me to send the images of the packaging. There was no invoice or order details mentioned on the package. It just had the Airway bill # with only my name and address details on it. There was no way for me to know whether it had one jacket or two jackets. The package was too small to have two leather jackets in it. The care dept assured me of an resolution in 48 hours and I was given a Complaint # 34616584. However nobody called me in two days and after 5 days someone called me and said that issue has been escalated to a higher level and they gave me a new complaint # 34982993. I was assured once again that someone will get back to me within 5 days after an investigation. Again nobody turns up even after 8 days and I had to chase them again. Then finally on tenth days Mr.Nxxxxxxr from the legal team call me up and says that all the products has been delivered to me in a single package and also they have a proof from the seller. When I asked for the proof they say that they cannot share the proof. I again had to repeat myself again from the start and had to explain him everything again. And then finally Mr.xxxxxxxxxr says that he will get back again within 48 hours.

To be honest I am not sure on how they do their investigations. I had paid Rs.12000/- for two jackets and I had received only one jacket and too of a different size of what I had ordered.The package never had any invoice order details on it. Adding to this the package was too small to have two leather jackets in it. I have been a regular online shopper for more than 10 years now and I never faced such an issue earlier. This is first time I am having such an issue and that too with Jabong.

I now expect Jabong to complete my order as promised or give me back my refund for the missing jacket.This issue has been going on for more than 20 days and I have lost all my patience and faith in Jabong. I KINDLY REQUEST JABONG TO FULFILL MY COMPLETE ORDER OR GIVE ME THE REFUND AND RESTORE MY FAITH AGAIN.I HAVE BEEN FRUSTATED TO THE CORE AND NOT TO MENTION THE MENTION THE MENTAL AGONY I HAVE BEEN THROUGH AND I ALSO DEMAND A COMPENSATION FOR THE SAME.

Jayesh Vaishnav
Safilguda, Hyderabad 500056, Telangana
Email: uxxxxxxxxxx8@gmail.com / 04/11/2016 / 12:21 pm

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