I booked an air ticket of spice jet service for 16 july 2015. My PNR is L7WERZ and i booked it by using VIA mobile app. But on 24 june 2015 i recieved sms from spice jet that scheduled time 08:55pm has been changed for flight and now it is 07:35pm.

Same day i contact to spice jet and told them that new timing of flight is not ok for me. I already have managed my plans and meetings according to previous scheduled time and now i can’t change these things as per your convenience.
Then i decided to cancel it finally, now what is happening, spice jet is refunding only tax amount to VIA agency which is almost half and then VIA agency also deducting their hidden charges. Now the final amount which VIA is refunding to me is zero rupees.

My complain is against both services. First spice jet who changed their timing and then returned only tax amount. Its not my fault i was ready to fly with scheduled time and planed accordingly.

Second VIA app, who says refundable amount is zero. I am feeling like cheated and please sir solve this matter according to law. Thanking you with regards.

Sachin Khanna
Doon enclave, shimla bypass road, Dehradun 248171, Uttaranchal
Email: sachinkhanna1210[@]gmail.com / 25/06/2015 / 6:44 pm

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