I want to file a complaint against Syska Gadget secure online insurance. My syska claim no is 1506258203 I need your help and support.

I have purchased Lenovo A6000 worth Rs. 6999/- from online website flipkart on 06/02/2015 and on the same date I have bought a Online Syska Gadget Secure Insurance for getting an insurance cover for my mobile phone. When I saw there is an insurance cover for the mobile phones that too of a reputed company like Syska. I bought an expensive mobile because I was assured of the insurance cover. The things Syska said in their Gadget Secure Package were in such a way that anybody could go for that.

One day my mobile was stolen by a thief lady. On the incident day 24/06/2015 June, I was travelling by two wheeler with my brother on Devendra Nagar Road, Raipur. My brother stops for getting mineral water from the shop. I was also bearing a purse with me which carries my mobile phone. I also gone with my brother for drinking water. Suddenly a lady standing in front of me stolen my mobile and ran away. At that time, at that I didn’t understood why she ran so fast.

I have registered my claim on 25th June 2015 and submitted my documents on 29th June 2015 after completing all the process and submitting documents, It was told by Syska The concerned department person Mr Kxxxxxh that this is the case of customer carelessness and pickpocketing and company has rejected your claim, the claim will be processed in the matters like accidents, etc. I asked him why so? Is there not person’s carelesssness in driving and accidents. I want to ask syska does in accident case the person is not carelessness..?? I am explaining you what does syska meant

Syska’s meant to say that when the thief will kill you with knife or there anything some serious accident then you will only get insurance cover. Almost all the persons lost their mobiles due to carelessness if such then why they are giving insurance cover on their website like total loss, physical damage protection, theft protection, etc. Is there in physical damage of mobile the person is not carelessness..?? almost all the person even lost their mobiles due to their carelessness and also buy the insurance cover so that they will be assured.. first they assure people and at last when people lost their mobile they grab their mobile because they also knows where is that person mobile because they also give quick heal app with them which clicks pictures whenever the thief tries to unlock the mobile and also Quick heal locks the mobile whenever the sim of mobile is changed so they easily find lost mobiles also by tracking them with their imei number. I said if I didn’t fall in the insurance cover than why they wasted my time in process I collected the documents and then submitted. the company wasted more than a 2 weeks and now the company say the claim didn’t fall in the criteria. I want my claim in within 2 days. Please help me so that I can claim my insurance cover.

Gadget Secure Insurance.

Chinky Haswani
Ffadih naka, street no-3, RAIPUR 492009, Chattisgarh
Email: haswanichinki@gmail.com / 02/07/2015 / 4:35 pm

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