My number is an Andhra Pradesh prepaid sim which I got ported to Karnataka, which has been changed to postpaid now.

First of all, I got a call from customer care. The lady was extremely rudely demanding a reason why I am changing my network. She got back to a normal tone only when I assured her I am just changing the state and not the network.

The Docomo store guys told me I can’t get a prepaid connection ported to prepaid again, and will have to take a post paid connection, which was the root of all my coming issues.

The first time they wanted to do verification, I had gone to my hometown for Diwali, due to which they blocked all my outgoing calls and internet services. (Even though I told the guy I will be back the next week)

The verification guy came to my house yesterday (for which I had to miss a meeting in office). I signed the form and he said the sim would be activated by evening, which did not happen.

Today, I got another message saying I was not at home today during REVISIT (which I was not even informed about), and hence all my incoming calls were also blocked.

1. Are people applying for a sim porting not allowed to go out of their house and sit and wait for surprise visits from Tata Docomo people?
2. If the verification was done, why wasn’t my sim activated?
3. If I am a 2 year old user, why am I facing so many issues in just porting the sim, just because I decided to change my city?
4. If I am a bachelor with a Driver’s license, a PAN card, a Voter ID, I have the right to choose the government, drink or get married but I am not eligible to get a sim card ported from a company I have been using for the past 2 years? Is that what thencompany mean by customer support?

Funniest part is, these guys blocked my outgoing calls and then were asking me to call 121 customer care for help? How to I call them? TELEPATHY??

Worst network to go for. My postpaid account number is #921535500

Anushri Sahu
Wheeler’s road, Bangalore 560005, Karnataka
Email: anushri92] / 20/11/2015 / 10:48 pm

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  1. Dear Customer,

    We have received your complaint and we will ensure it is resolved soon.

    Customer Care
    Tata Docomo

  2. Dear Customer,

    As per our conversation, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you and we assure you that your problem is being addressed.
    In regard to this, we would like to inform you that upon verifying our record we have found that your number is under active status and the verification process is also done(positive). Kindly make a note of the same.
    Further we value your feedback and your views will be escalated to the higher management as feedback of the customer which will be helpful in increasing the pro-activeness for the agents.

    Customer Care
    Tata Docomo

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