White Fox Travel(Only Travel) in Bhopal. I booked the ticket from this company Delhi To Buffalo(US) Date:- 23rd june to 6th oct.Once he Issued the 3 tickets. after 4 days He cancelled the ticket before confirmation of my Client. At now he is not refunding the amount & he is also not pick my call. 1,55,000 amount transfer in his Saving account. No Cop will Help in this Situation.

Mr. Sandeep Biswas
Office no.140, 1st floor, aggarwal city Plaza, rohini sector-3, New Delhi 110085
Email: booking.theamazingtrip@gmail.com
Contact No. 9211784100 / 06/06/2015 / 2:54 pm

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  1. Sandeep Biswas,

    Whom are you trying to fool by this false post designed to mislead the public?

    You are NOT such an innocent person as you claim. Are you some new born- baby who will pay such huge amount of money taken from client to unknown persons without verifying their base and credentials?

    The so called “Only Travel” people mentioned in your post are your partners.

    Is it not true that you have defrauded a senior citizen recently and caused him a loss of Rs. 3.5 lac for ticket price and legal costs?

    You are partners in crime for having taken the baddua of an old person …. 75 years old….who is old enough to be your grandfather!

    Lot of people are working to expose and as a social service for this senior citizen- especially in the FIR lodged in the Rohini PS. Roving Editor Eyes has also decided to join them in this campaign.

    Law will soon catch up with you. The system needs an urgent cleansing to rid it from undesirable elements.


    An unknown person called are office from Bhopal on 10th May 2015, straight forward asking to deal with there company that is by the name ” ONLY TRAVEL”. that asked to deal with them specially cheaper flight than the market specialised inUSA. the rate given by them was really cheaper as compare to the earlier rates provided by THE AMAZING TRIP to the public

    sudden after next day a person with name Mr.AxxxxxxA PxxxxxA rang our office asking to book flight ticket for USA.

    We simply gave the opportunity to ONLY TRAVEL to book further.

    After such booking the tickets

    1. been confirmed by THE AMAZING TRIP
    2.either cancelled by the party itself
    2. by the ONLY TRAVELS

    Now Mr.AxxxxxxA PxxxxxxA and his daughter Ms. SxxxxxA PxxxxxxA, are not filing any suit in any level of courts and that to anywhere in INDIA as per as the courts and the rights of any individual provided by THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA

    Inspite of

    What they are doing

    1 pressurising us to give the amount that is not legally bound to be paid right now before any direction been provided to us by the any court under whose jurisdiction, we are bound to be paid.

    2 physical assault with the female staff as working under THE AMAZING TRIP

    3 using their “fake and fraud” powers with us

    4 not picking up their cell phones neither they are providing there residence address to us to sue them legally

    5 even after no contact from our side to them Mr. AxxxxxA PxxxxxA & SxxxxxxA PxxxxxA do messages and calls to our office contacts

    And talk
    ( a ) abusive
    ( b ) ill mannered
    ( c ) pounding and throbbing

    we request to Mr. PxxxxxA and the lady PxxxxxA if you think that it is THE AMAZING TRIP had really done any kind of
    ( a ) Fraud
    ( b ) Mis- representation
    ( c ) Mis- guide
    ( d ) Mis- lead
    ( e ) Wrongful or criminal deception intented to result in financial or personal gain

    So kindly tell us your contact details with us here only
    in front of all i.e. your residential address so that we can send you a legal notice to let both of us been presented in front of magistrate, to let be come to an fare trial. and to let every body know know about who is a cheat or a fraud. to all respected public and the viewers simply go through with

    1 a regular day you waked up, and went office their you find a call by unknown person that can provide you cheaper tickets to USA that too with a price lesser then the market rate.

    2 the next day a person that represent himself as customer and asked us to book his tickets to USA.

    3 sudden uncertain cancellation even after the conform complete verification by both the parties

    isn,t leads to a fraud with THE AMAZING TRIP

    As per as our legal advisor ,
    Mr. AxxxxxA PxxxxxA or SxxxxxM PxxxxxxA and even the fake company ONLY TRAVELS both are involved in this fraudelent act and by pretending that they are two different parties they both are not sharing their complete true and legal residence address

    They are trying to harras us

    “The fraud is been done with THE AMAZING TRIP not by THE AMAZING TRIP ”
    if any body of you still think that THE AMAZING TRIP is culpurte

    you can simply contact us on


    Office no- 140,1st floor Aggarwal city plaza, manglam place Rohini sector-3

    Delhi- 110085
    Ph. 01142883979, 9211784100
    office timming between 10 am to 6 pm

    Thank you

  3. Hi my name is lakshya
    I book a package from trip exotica (janakpuri)for 64000 for hotel nd flight,i got the flight ticket but the hotel booking was not made as per request .I told the travel agent to cancel my booking for hotel as it was not upto my standard a month before my actual checkin and i requested him to refund my balance 24000 rupees he promised me to give it back in 15 days but its been two months i didnot get the refund neither he is picking up my calls now
    Please advice

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