Regarding undue demand from OLA after full payment to driver

I had an OLA ride on 24th June 2018 in Bangalore. I was having sufficient amount of OLA money in account but during bill payment I found that only Rs 51 was deducted from my OLA money account and the pending amount of Rs 446, I directly paid via PAYTM to the driver on the spot. The CRN no. for the OLA transaction is 1993712947.
The PAYTM snapshot fpr that transaction has been attached with this letter.

That time onwards I am getting repeatative phone calls along with SMS messages to pay the pending amount whereas I paid the full amount on the spot itself. I sent several mails along with CRN no. and snapshots to the mail but still I am getting repeatative calls and SMS to pay the pending amount. It seems that no one is bother see my responses what I sent multiple times

Due to their System Problem , full amount of money was not deducted on 24th June from OLA account and moreover when I paid the full amount still they ate asking me to pay once again which is totally unfair and unethical.

I am too much disturbed due to the repeatative phone calls and SMS from OLA on the same issue and also I don’t have so much time and energy to explain every time to OLA customer care

Anindita Chakraborty
Bangalore 560100, Karnataka

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