I had purchased a number from vodafone and i was not able to use the services as this number was already being used by somebody else in reliance. so i tried to contact them in every possible way, visited the store, even they were not ready to help me. then i wrote a mails, later got a call and also assured me they will help me. i was told that they have mistakenly issued this number and will compensate with another vip not which i agreed an my case is being handled by monika in appellate team and she always promise me a call back but is not helping me any way. i tried to contact her but they are ignoring my calls and mails.

The last conversation i had with her was that she asked to find any no. of my choice through my sources which i did and they were 9999444334 and she said she will get them activated within 2 days and since then there is no call no follow u or response. i would request you to plz investigate and help me further.

piyush kalra
Burari, New Delhi 110084
Email: pxxxxxxxxxx0@gmail.com / 25/12/2016 / 1:59 am

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