I have been a loyal customer of Videocon D2h since more than 3 years subscribing the most expensive platinum HD Pack. My last recharge for Rs 6640 is dated 24/10/2014 for platinum HD Pack. I received 30 days free plus 3% recharge value for payment through Videocon D2h site. So my next recharge date is 06/12/2015.

On 13/08/2015 I placed a request for relocation for which I was told the charges of RS 300. After deinstallation I paid the said amount of INR 300 on 15/08/2015 to the visiting engineer. After reinstallation at new address I again paid INR 50 on 16/08/2015.

Despite paying the charges upfront to the engineer, excess amount is deducted from my Videocon D2h account which now shows next recharge date of 06/11/2015 which is full one month less than the actual recharge date. So basically despite paying Rs 350 for the relocation, Videocon D2h on its own deducted amount for one-month subscription which amounts to looting and breaching the trust between service provider and customer.
More so my connection was suspended on 19/08/2015 for non-payment of relocation charges (despite paying upfront charges). I was not communicated in any manner before suspension. This clearly amounts to deficiency in service.
It was me who had to call the customer care for resumption of service despite paying upfront charges. Some supervisor customer care executive started the service by deducting excess amount from my account, saying that I must pay the charges for resumption of service. This amounts to threatening and holding ransom the loyal customer. After complaining this matter to the customer care executive, I’m yet to receive the excess amount wrongly deducted.

A similar thing had happened during my prior relocation. This clearly indicates that Videocon D2h exploits such opportunities to loot the customers by charging them excess amount.

It is such a mental harassment to go through all this and call the customer care again and again without any avail. Every time I call the customer care I have to repeat the entire ordeal, only to receive a false assurance.
Videocon D2h does not provide any detailed account information about the deducted charges on my account page. So basically I’m left at the mercy of some foulmouthed arrogant customer care representative.

I demand immediate reversal of excess amount charged and fair compensation for the mental harassment and agony because of such exploits and deficiency in service. Failing which I will refer the matter to consumer court.

Mahesh Kothari
1, ajinkya tara shiv srushti, mumbai 400024, Maharashtra
Email: drmak01[@live.com / 21/08/2015 / 1:31 pm

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