Videocon D2h has called me on 07.08.2016 and given offer to upgrade the present normal D2h to full HD. I accepted the offer and asked me to pay Rs.1950/- for HD box and upgradation. I immediately recharged to my account and i got confirmation from company through SMS i.e VK-VIDDTH at 19.35 hours and they given unique code 1454. The service centre have not called me for fixing appointment for connection, the SMS massage received at 19.12 hours. The work order ID No. is 45384622 to carry out the work was awarded i got the massage at 19.12 hours. I have phoned to company customer care cell on 07.08.2016 regarding non-upgradation, they told to wait for 8 hours to attain the customer.

Again on 09.08.2016 i have phoned to company customer care and again they registered the complain my giving unique code 4000 vide SMS at 11.15. The customer care has told that the work order was cancelled, which is without my intimation. After long discussion they told that fresh Work order was issued vide No.45424360 vide SMS at 11.15 hours. Again i have given complain regarding non-upgradation to customer care on 11.08.2016. They registered the complaint No.419704483 and give assurance to resolve the problem by 12.08.2016 4.41 PM vide SMS at 18.42. Again on 12.08.2016 i called customer care and told the problem was not resolved, they registered the complaint No.420067856 and assured to resoveled the problem till 13.08.2016 vide SMS at 20.09 hours.

I again phoned up customer care on 14.08.2016 they told to wait till evening but not fruitfull. But on 15.08.2016 i surprise to see the massage that reads as “your complaint No.419704483 has been resolved successfully. than you”, by seeing the message i immediately phoned up to customer care, they register the complaint No.420067856 and assured to solve the problem vide SMS at 19.45 hours. i phone up again for not solving the problem, they given the work order ID No.45633324 vide SMS at 15.58 hours and given unique code 8882 to our service centre. Again i phoned up to customer care 17.08.2016 and they given complaint No.421477753 vide SMS at 10.29, again they register the complaint No.421478530 they promised to resoved the problem till 18.08.2016 vide SMS at 10.31

Hence, kindly help me to resolve the problem since i have paid Rs.1950/- towards upgradation assurance given by company. Moreover i have phoned to them so many time which is wast of time and money to me. Kindly do justice to me. Thanking you sir

Valmikinagar, GUNTAKAL 515801, Andhra Pradesh
Email: / 17/08/2016 / 4:22 pm

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