I used the Reliance 3G dongle past 1.5 years, Reliance migrated from 3g to 4g and stopped the 3g Internet Service, Pressuring to migrate into 4g and buy the Reliance wipod(4G). I raised the Complaint by email to Close my connection on 6th July 2016. They closed without communicate me on 16th July 2016(i received by message, Thanks for Spoke to Reliance Servce). Again i raised complaint on 21st July 2016. They Convinced to change plan(NCPLUS1gb_175) into 1GB 4G for the price of Rs 340 in the month and to register wipod by online. I tried several times not able to register for wipod 4g.

I received the bill on 7th October for the amount is Rs 1265 in the plan 4G_1100_5GB. I didn’t request any plan change by email or phone. I raised the Complaint on same day(7th October 2016) by email and Close my plan, still didn’t response and keep on calling to pay the bill. I paid Rs340 on 21st Oct 2016. They didn’t response and didn’t close my connection and keep on sending the bills.They suspend itself due to Credit Limit crossed(past 5 months usage is 0KB). Sending Demand Notice to pay the Bill of Rs 2290. Whose money it is. Please close the plan and i don’t want to pay. I attached all documents for reference.

Email: jxxxxxxxxxxxxa@gmail.com / 30/11/2016 / 3:38 pm

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