Reliance raise prices for calls only on Hindu Festivals

I just want to ask only one thing …

Why Telecom companies such as Reliance is charging 4 & 5 times higher prices only on Hindu Festivals and nobody is raising this serious issue.

Whole year they are charging normal prices, but only on Hindu Festival such as Diwali, New Year, Rakshabandhan, Holi etc… They are charging Four to Five Time higher prices for Call and SMS from their Customers.

I got following msg from Reliance. “Dear Customer, on 23rd & 24th October’14 all voice calls & SMS will be charged as per regular tariff. Pack benefits will not apply.RCOM”

They charged me 30% higher on another network and 80% higher on Reliance. ( Normally They used to charge me Reliance to Reliance 10 paise and Reliance to others 30 paise per minute. But on this Festivals they charged me 1 rupee per minute on all networks).

Why they are not playing this kind of dirty money snatching game on other religions festivals ???

I have many friends of other religion and they told me that they are not victimized on their Festivals from this kind of high price on their call & SMS.  Here I am feeling like I have been cheated from Reliance on my Religion/Festival.

I am requesting you to give me justice. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Manish Pandya
Junagadh 362001, Gujarat
Contact No. 07405130040 / 24/10/2014 / 3:58 pm

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