Reshipment charge not received from mintkart

I had bought wella professional shampoo of Rs 849 from ebay(now mintkart), but it was damaged, as per my complaint they ask me to register and askproof too, once they prove it is true, they ask me to reship the damage product and promise me that they will give me the reshipment charge as DD. So I reship through bluedart courier for charge 540 Rs, but the online company didnt give me my reshipment charge yet. I had made so many calls, made so many emails, and atlast I send the matter as registered post through Indiapost with acknowledgement card. I got back the acknowledgment card but no response from the company. So please help me to get back my reshipment charges with interest. The ebay(now mintkart) had cheated me by sending the damaged product and make me so much lost. So please take my complaint and take actuon against the online company, and please return back my money.

Smithaa Gangakudeeram

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