I purchased 3 products of order numbers 102803968, 102803969, 102803970 from craftsvilla and received it on 23/7/16 or 24/7/16. I then applied for return of the product and refund of the money in the bank account. Till now no one has come to pick up the products. I have sent 6 emails. I called in the craftsvilla call helpline 9 times on 24/8/16 , 22/8/16, 20/8/16, 19/8/16, 17/8/16, 16/8/16, 8/8/16, 7/8/16, 4/8/16 and every time they ask for the order numbers and told that it will be picked up within 48 hours and the money will be refunded. It has been one month and no action has been taken yet. I just want the money refunded in the bank account.

I request you to please take the necessary actions against craftsvilla so that I can get my money back.

Surendra Dhanuka
Maniktalla main road, Kolkata 700054, West Bengal
Email: rxxxxxxx2@gmail.com / 26/08/2016 / 12:01 pm

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  1. Hi Surendra,

    We’re extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused to you all this while.

    Please be assured that we’re working towards resolving the issue.

    Craftsvilla Happiness Team

  2. Hi Surendra,

    We apologize for the delay.

    As communicated earlier, we have escalated the matter to the concerned team to ensure that the matter is sorted out at the earliest.

    Craftsvilla Happiness Team

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